Village Hall Management

Since 2016 the Village Hall and the Recreation Ground have operated as a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) formed by amalgamating the existing separate charitable trusts.  CIOs, a relatively new type of organisation, are the charity sector equivalent of a limited company and their administration is vested in a Board of Trustees.  Our Board operates under the framework of the constitution (click here to download a copy) which was approved by the Charity Commission.

The majority of the Trustees (up to 18) are appointed by the Parish Council, principal users of the hall and other village organisations.  In addition the Annual General Meeting (AGM), usually held in July, elects up to 6, while the Board of Trustees has the power to co-opt up to a further 5.

The AGM is open to all residents of Kington Langley age 18 and over.  The Board meets immediately after the AGM closes to elect its officers.  Thereafter the Board meets as required, but usually just 2 meetings per year. 

Current trustees are:


Chair:Tony ShepherdUnion
Vice-Chair:Steve DuffillSt Peter’s
Booking Clerk:Julia CookParish

Other Trustees:                 

Andy Boulton                    Elected

Warren Burgess                Elected

Anita Holbrook                 Hobbies

Ian Morrison                     Croquet

Daphne Povey                  Short Mat Bowls

Kelly Gosling                    KL WI

Brian Tanner                      Chippenham & District Amateur Radio Club

Oliver Hickman               Langley Fitzurse PTA

While bookings are handled by the Booking Clerk and financial matters by the Treasurer, other day to day management responsibilities and operating budgets are delegated to 4 operating committees which meet as required:

House Committee  responsible for management and maintenance of the Hall, its contents and services.

Grounds Committee  responsible for maintenance of the Recreation Ground, Play Areas and car park

Project Group   looks after the programming of major projects.  It maintains a rolling programme which includes ongoing commitments such as redecoration and major maintenance as well as significant capital programmes.

Events Group  plans and manages events promoted by the CIO, in particular Rural Arts Touring events.

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