Stage & Equipment

The removable staging consists of 16 1.22m x 1.22m units which when bolted together form a strong, solid performance area. They can be configured in various lay-outs, for example the basic stage can be 6 units wide by 2 units deep (7.32m x 2.44m); a block of 4 units by 4 units will give a performance area of 4.88m x 4.88m; or even a catwalk style run of units can take performers into the audience arena. The stage is 68cm high off the main hall floor level and there are 2 flights of steps that can be positioned along any side of the stage.

Click here for examples of possible stage layouts.

Other Equipment:

Stage Lights

Stage lights are mounted on a gantry in front of the stage with a further 2 over the stage itself. The lighting control panel is equipped with wander leads and can be operated from a variety of locations.

PA System

The PA System is rack mounted at the back of the hall. It can play audio CDs or cassette tapes and incorporates a broadcast radio tuner as well as a roving radio microphone system with both handheld and lapel microphones. An audio loop covers the entire area of the Main Hall.

Pull Down Screen

A 3.75m wide pull down screen mounted just behind the front stage curtain is ideal for the display of wide screen videos as well as slides and other presentation material. A projector is also available.


Skittles and the equipment for 2 alleys are stored in the Main Hall. Removable covers at the front of the stage area conceal the skittle pit.

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