Capacity & Licences

Hall Capacity

The licensed capacity of the Hall is for a maximum of 180 people close seated, 150 seated at tables, 120 non-seated (dances etc).

Activities Licence

The hall is licensed for plays, films, indoor sporting events, live music, recorded music and dance performances (and anything of a similar description). Click here to view the Premises Licence.

Alcohol Licence

The hall is also licensed for the supply of alcohol under specific conditions. Options available to the hirer that satisfy these conditions are outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Hire; the relevant extract is as follows:
The Hirer is responsible for advising the Booking Clerk at the time of booking if the sale or supply of  alcohol is required as part of the booking agreement. The following options are available:

  • 6.1   For Regular Hirers or Village Organisations using the hall for fund-raising purposes:A designated person may run their own bar subject to a special dispensation by the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). A form should be obtained from the Booking Clerk in order that this may be arranged.  An extra charge of £10 will be payable to contribute towards the cost of the hall licence.
  • 6.2   For Hirers using the hall for a single event and not wishing to run their own bar: The Booking Clerk will put the potential hirer in touch with the Hall’s Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) who can arrange to run the bar and provide alcohol on the Hirer’s behalf.
  • 6.3   For Hirers using the hall for a single event and wishing to run their own bar:With the agreement of the Booking Clerk, the Hirer may obtain a Temporary Event Notice from Wiltshire Council.

The Temporary Event Notice must specify in which room at the Hall alcohol is to be sold. Two rooms are available for this purpose: either the Committee Room (for small events) or the Kitchen. Use of the Committee Room is encouraged for the sale and consumption of alcohol if it is only likely to take place at a specific point in the event (e.g. before the start, during an interval, or after the main activity is over).
The Hirer shall supply a copy of such licence (Temporary Event Notice for the sale of alcohol) to the Booking Clerk on receiving authorisation from Wiltshire Council. Note that the Hirer may not obtain any Temporary Event Notices directly from Wiltshire Council without the specific agreement of the Booking Clerk, as only a limited number of these notices are allocated to Kington Langley Village Hall in the course of a calendar year. Failure to observe this requirement may result in the booking being cancelled.

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