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There are three public access defibrillators in the village. One is at the village hall (SN15 5NJ), on the outside wall, under the porch; one is at The Bungalow, Plough Lane (SN15 5PS), accessible from the road; and the third is at The Stables, Ashes Lane (SN15 5NP). (See the Defibrillator/Locations tab of this website to see their positions on a map.)

What happens in the first few minutes following a sudden cardiac arrest can make the difference between life and death. The following information gives some background as to the use of a defibrillator.

The first thing to do is DIAL 999. The ambulance service will support you and direct you to the nearest public access defibrillator if appropriate.

Remove the defibrillator from the cabinet and take it to the patient. Once you open the defibrillator machine, the voice guide will be activated. The voice will give clear instructions of all the necessary steps to follow. You will not have to make any unsupported decisions; the machine does the diagnosis for you and will only administer a shock if it is required. You will also be supported in administering CPR.

View the video below for a short demo on the use of the machine.

The following information sheets show the steps to follow (which are all explained by the automatic voice instructions given by the machine).

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The following is the full demonstration of the defibrillator.

AED    Automated external defibrillator
CPR    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation – chest compressions and rescue breaths to keep blood and oxygen circulating in the body
PAD    Public access defibrillator
SCA    Sudden cardiac arrest

Cardiac Science: the manufacturer and supplier of the machines installed in Kington Langley
G5 (Powerheart G5): the model of defibrillator installed in Kington Langley

Defibrillator Locations

There are three public access defibrillators in the village:

  1. The Village Hall, Church Road (SN15 5NJ), on the outside wall, under the porch.
  2. The Bungalow, Plough Lane (SN15 5PS). Second to last property before the traffic lights onto the A350; on right-hand wall of bungalow, publicly accessible from outside (follow the signs).
  3. The Stables, Ashes Lane (SN15 5NP), outside the gate, accessible from the road.
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