Hall Development Programme

Hall Development Programme

The Management Committee, through a Project Group, runs a continuous development programme.This centres on work to maintain the fabric of the building, to enhance the facilities and to improve our energy efficiency. The present programme was kicked off in 2008 with an energy audit followed by a general building survey and an electrical survey. Since then we have investigated over 30 potential projects. Among significant projects completed so far are:

  • An efficient condensing boiler (funded by a Wiltshire Council grant)
  • Refurbishing the lobby
  • Improving the sound insulation between The Main Hall and the Committee Room
  • Replacing dilapidated fire doors
  • Building a fully compliant disabled emergency exit ramp
  • Installing CCTV to monitor the exterior, car park and play areas (in conjunction with the Playing Fields Association (PFA))
  • Converting to a computerised booking system
  • Acquiring a 10kW PV Solar power system
  • Development of this website

Two projects are currently in work:

  • Provision of Broadband/WiFi
  • Installation of an access control system driven by the bookings database

We are also making detailed preparations for a Main Hall Refurbishment/Upgrade package and for repainting the exterior
woodwork and ironwork while we are talking to the PFA about proceeding with a much needed surface for occasional overflow parking.
Looking further ahead we have a watch list of around a dozen potential projects to consider for when resources permit or to be programmed when dictated by wear and tear on the current items.These include:

  • Refurbishing the Committee Room and toilets
  • Resurfacing the tarmac car park
  • Improving meeting facilities in the Committee Room
  • Improving controls and equipment for better energy efficiency

Individual Projects

We investigated CCTV as a measure to provide enhanced security and assurance for our users. In the end in conjunction with the Playing Fields Association who obtained a grant from Wiltshire Council we installed a system which provides high quality, all weather night and day imagery. Over the first year since installation the system has proved its worth.

We eventually decided to go ahead with PV Solar in January when it became clear that despite the tariff changes proposed by the government the system should provide a significant net return over 25 years. The system was commissioned on 20th February and initial figures indicate that it is more than delivering against our expectations. Once Broadband is available a link will be provided to enable interested people to see system performance.

The Main Hall Refurbishment Programme brings together a collection of individual projects much better undertaken while the suspended ceiling is being replaced. These will include more efficient and more atmospheric lighting, upgraded emergency lighting and a linked fire alarm system with several other candidates under consideration. We are aiming for the work to be done during August as it is likely to place the Main Hall out of action for a week.

Installing the Solar Panels, March 2012
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