Friday 29th November: Scotland! By The Latebloomers . Doors & bar open 7.00pm; performance starts at 7.30pm. (Cash bar only; no cards.) A hilarious three-man physical comedy. Come along for a wild ride, with fishing, hunting, whisky, short bread, rhythm, folk songs and the spirit of Scotland!
Tickets available on the door. 

Online booking now available:

From fringe festivals and theatres, from the UK to as far afield as Australia, Kington Langley welcomes the Late Bloomers’ production of “Scotland!”. 

WINNER of the Weekly Award for Best Comedy at the Adelaide Fringe 2019, the Spirit of the Fringe Award at the Paris Fringe 2018 and the Inspiration Award for new work at the Prague Fringe 2018. Shortlisted for the Prague Fringe Creative Award for a production deemed creatively exceptional and the Performance Award for outstanding performance. Third place in the Prague Fringe Audience Award, voted for by audience members.


From their Australian tour:

***** The Adelaidian
“Take your Nan, take your mates, take the kids. This is one for everyone.”

**** The Advertiser
“This is top drawer slapstick that will leave you wanting an encore”

***** Fringefeed
“This might be one of my favourite fringe shows ever of any season, anywhere in the world.”

“Scotland! is a largely non-verbal, physical comedy show using elements such as clown, mime, impressive and complex physical percussion and some truly perfect comedic timing to tell a story. I’m not quite sure what the story was (there was a fish, maybe a stag and definitely a battle somewhere), but honestly, I don’t care.

To attend Scotland! is to have just plain fun – it is an absurd, ridiculous and masterful romp through the Scottish Highlands and culture. My cheeks and sides were actually hurting with laughter afterwards. Get yourself a ticket for this one if at all possible, because it is not to be missed. I will definitely be going again and taking friends.”

And closer to home:

***** Brighton and Hove News
“The trio manage to have the entire audience in tears (of laughter)… they are masterful”

​***** Theatre Box (At Mission Theatre, Bath)
“Scotland! is one of those performances you could watch every night for a week and still go back for more.”

“Sam Dugmore, Jonathan Tilley and Oliver Nilsson, whom all trained at École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq (A.K.A one of the best clown schools in the world), created the perfect dynamic on stage; their individual clowns contrasted one another brilliantly and each personality was equally displayed (and loved). Also, their ability to work as an ensemble and fluidly react together was flawless.

SCOTLAND! is one of those performances you could watch every night for a week and still go back for more. The lighthearted storyline (with a slight turn at the end) will have you exploring the hills of Scotland (from the warmth of your seat), falling in love with the utterly bonkers antics of The Latebloomers, and crying with laughter. Why would you miss it?!”

Tickets: £10 full, £8 concessions, £5 under 16, £25 family (2 + 2).
Available from or 01249 750362. Or book online:

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