Quirky Quiz

Congratulations to “The Other Enders”, the winning team at the Quirky Quiz evening held in November. The “Nosey Parkers” came a very close second, followed by the “Quizzy Lizzies” in third place.

The total amount raised on the night for the Pavilion Replacement Project was £627.75. Thank you to all who supported the event. Read on for a report and some of the answers! 

The Quirky Quiz was a bit different to a standard quiz night. The quizzers had a variety of tasks to tackle, including: blind tasting chocolate and crisps and ranking them in order of price (which didn’t always seem to correlate with quality); identifying the mystery “milks” in the bottles (almond milk? goats milk?); and guessing what’s in the bags (and how many, which was sometimes trickier – the paper clips proved the hardest).

One round challenged the teams to write a poem or limerick, on the subject of “feather or feathers”. I was very impressed with the results! Each team read out their verse in turn, and they were scored by all the other teams. Here’s the winning entry, by team CLAC:

There once was a girl who was fickle
She really liked a good tickle
She picked up a feather
Then swapped it for leather
And got herself into a pickle !!

How many English counties can you name? And put them in the right place? Here are the answers to that round (click on the titles to open the pdf files):

English Counties Map
Key to English Counties Map

Another round involved photos taken around Kington Langley; quizzers were asked to locate them on a map of the village. Some were rather easy and some were rather trickier! Click on the links below to see the photos and the map with their locations:

Village photos
Village map with photo numbers

Here are a few of the other “Feather” poems created on the night:

There was a young lady called Heather
Who was constantly dusting with feathers.
The dust made her sneeze,
She went all knock-kneed,
And was blown away with the weather.

The peacock displaying his tail,
To impress the hens could not fail.
He accepts with a bow
(And a terrible row!)
The advances of an amorous quail.

There was a young lady called Heather
Who covered her blushes with feathers.
The fewer the quills,
The greater the thrills,
Until she discovered black leather.