A Little Dramatic is an after school club for 6-12 year olds, designed to build children’s confidence and imagination skills through drama.

Our weekly classes use dramatic techniques to develop children’s: communication, concentration, physical, social and teamwork skills to help them achieve their full potential.

Our intimate and welcoming environment, coupled with inspiring new themes each term, encourage even the most shy child to participate on some level. As trust builds within the peer group you will see the children start to open up. They work on getting to know their own body and mind through a series of role play and improvisation strategies, which keep your child active physically and mentally while they discover new challenges and new opportunities for their future.

You don’t need to be all singing all dancing, there won’t be the pressure of regular assessments and our productions are low key. We offer positive and realistic perception of their abilities, encouraging all children to be able to feel safe and secure, to open up within sessions and presentations to parents. With each achievement, great and small, along with reaching their own personal targets the children grow in confidence.

Contact: www.alittledramatic.com        Gemma Ewles: alittledramatic.info@gmail.com