Replacing the Pavilion

There has been much debate over what to do with the pavilion behind the hall, on the edge of the recreation ground. Read on for an update on the pavilion project from Robert Atwell, the Chairman of the Grounds Committee.

In 2014 the village was invited to voice opinions on the future of the Recreation Ground and, in particular, the Pavilion.  The majority view was that it was unlikely that full scale team games would resume and the Pavilion should be replaced by a modest building designed to provide toilet and shower facilities for all users of the rec.  Initially we looked at refurbishing the existing building, but it became clear that the cost to do so would be similar to that to demolish and rebuild on a better site.  This would also make it possible to extend the car park.  This approach was endorsed by the CIO trustees in January and Elkins Architects have very kindly drawn up plans at no cost to the village.

As shown here the plan is to rebuild in front of the tennis court and facing across the cricket ground, should a team ever be raised once again.  It will be rendered with a tiled roof in keeping with the hall and, in addition to the main toilets and showers, will also have a toilet to disabled standards which can be kept open during the day for access by users of the rec, especially families using the play area.

There will also be a very small kitchen area fitted out with kettle, microwave, worktop, sink and limited storage, for making hot drinks and snacks.  This should prove useful particularly for the Croquet and Tennis Clubs.

A planning application will shortly be submitted for the demolition, rebuild and car park extension.  This extension will more than double the current parking capacity and provide 52 full size parking bays. This will cope with the parking needs of around 95% of hall and rec bookings.

Once planning approval has been given, the intention is to demolish the existing Pavilion as soon as possible.  It has hardly been used for the past couple of years and in its present condition is very expensive to insure, so this will save us money.  The trustees have been putting aside substantial funds towards this project for the past 4 years and we already have some promises of grants.  Our next step is to look at the best way to fund the balance of the project cost.

Robert Atwell
Chairman Grounds Committee