Kington Langley Croquet Club

This Sunday, 4th June, the Croquet Club is holding a fundraising afternoon of Croquet with Pimms and Cream Teas, starting at 2 pm. The charge is £8 all-inclusive; children half price. The croquet is not compulsory but we do hope you will give it a try; you will need flat shoes to have a go. There will be a non-alcoholic alternative to the Pimms. Please come along and join us for a relaxing afternoon; bring family and friends with you!  We will have some shelters up, so the weather should not be a deterrent. 

There will also be a Bridge Drive with lunch on Tuesday 10th October.

These are all part of the fundraising campaign by the Croquet Club for the development of its lawns this autumn. More details from Julia on 01249 750318 or email

The Club has been operating in the village since 1984. Members are drawn from Kington Langley and surrounding villages and towns. We currently have a small ‘full-size’ lawn and a small ‘half-size’ lawn. Club members take part in South West Federation League matches at various levels as well as partaking in social play. Social sessions are held for local groups and organisations.

We will be finishing our season early this year and contractors are set to come in at the start of September to enable us to have 2 full size lawns, increasing our opportunity to provide croquet play within the club and local communities.

A Crowd Funding appeal has been set up: click here for a link to the JustGiving site. All donations, however small, will be very much appreciated!

Any enquiries, contact Julia Cook: or 01249 750318 and leave a message.

Further information from the crowd funding page:

We are a village based croquet club with members partaking in both league matches and social play. Our lawns are currently not of a suitable standard and do not allow us to offer the opportunity to play croquet to all we would wish. We need to develop our current small lawns to 2 full size lawns which will increase the opportunity for croquet play within the club and the local community. Work is planned to start in September 2017 so pressure is on to raise a large amount of money.

We offer social sessions to local groups and organisations. Many of these participants are of retirement age; they comment that croquet provides them with exercise, mental stimulation and social contact. Some players with disability have said it is the only sport they can participate in. Older people attending these sessions say they help reduce their social isolation whilst they are enjoying an activity that provides gentle exercise. For some this is the only physical exercise they take.

We are currently unable to offer social sessions to all groups that are interested. Once our development is complete and we have the 2 full size lawns we will be able to increase the use by these groups. We are in touch with a local Parkinson’s group but are currently unable to accommodate them. When the development is complete we will be able to offer them and other groups the chance to come and play croquet.