On a beautiful summer evening in July, Jill Cockerton came along to speak to members on ‘Natural skin care’. Just over 5 years ago, Jill made the personal decision that the skincare products that she was using contained too many synthetic chemicals. After considerable research she discovered that 60% of what we put on our skin enters the bloodstream, and so developed her passion for using fruits, vegetables, herbs, and essential oils to create her own range of skincare products which she believes is far less toxic. Jill demonstrated a body scrub made of sugar, sea salt, and essential oils of grapefruit and lime, which had a wonderful citrus aroma. Her top selling products are shea body butter and a “sorry skin salve” made from lavender and chamomile which has wonderful healing qualities. She also produces a cream for insect bites and a lip balm. Many of her products are delicately fragranced with essential oils.